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Trust the Austin Lawn Mowing Pro’s with all of your lawn care needs.

Mowing, Edging, and Blowing – To give your lawn that clean finish that will make it stand out in the neighborhood, our crew will handle the regular maintenance (mowing, edging, and blowing) service that will undoubtedly give your lawn a professional look. We take pride in establishing your lawn’s aesthetic appeal that no other lawn in your Travis County Texas neighborhood has.

Fertilization – Our organic fertilization process uses a product which introduces active, living microbial activity that increases root stimulation with a slow release liquid/granular fertilizer that gives your lawn that healthy, green look you always wanted. It’s the perfect mix necessary for proper growth in Travis County Texas climate.

Sod – For establishing a completely new lawn, we offer new sod installations (for existing customers only). You can trust our experienced staff to offer the best solution for establishing a new lawn. Experience in handling sod – especially the right type of sod – is important and necessary to avoid a loss in time and money from poor installations.

Aeration – It’s easy to forget that, like people, your lawn needs to breathe. For water, fertilizer, and air to successfully reach the root system, core aeration is a must. Our experts use lawn plug aerators, which removes tiny “plugs” from the ground, opening up your lawn’s airways.

Topdressing – Top dressing is the process of applying compost, soil, or sand over the surface of your lawn. This is a huge benefit to your lawn – especially if applied after aerating in the early Spring or late Fall.

Give us a call for any of your lawn care needs! We do it all and we do it right.